Pendants are a classic jewellery statement: as simple and elegant as a swallow on a short chain or as bold and eye-catching as a gemstone rock dangling around the waist. The sheer variety is just one reason why this enduring fashion item is favoured by so many. Since yellow gold is making an overdue comeback this season, let’s take a peek at some of the best designs in precious metal pendants right now.

Clogau Fairy gold pendant (TFLP)

One of Clogau's gold pendants, from the Fairy collection

Long gold pendants are staying in the limelight this year, with designs to suit all styles. Natural motifs are always big for spring and this year, this trend creeps into necklaces, with trees, birds, dragonflies and flowers all showcasing their subtle charms in the jewellery stores. Likewise, shorter pieces play on the feminine, flirty vibe of the 1950s, with gold pendants sporting emblems such as bows, horseshoes and handbags in the neck wear equivalent of a retro charm bracelet.

For those who want to make more of an impact, large-cut semi-precious gems including topaz, turquoise and amethyst set into gold amulets can bring the ‘oomph’ back to an outfit. Tribal designs have been dominating the catwalk and chunky necklaces have been scaled-up, with out-sized amber and garnet stones swinging from choker necklaces and long chains alike. Geometric patterns are also very much at the forefront of this trend.

Swinging in the other direction, an emphasis on vintage gold pendants has also emerged, with pieces reminiscent of family heirlooms and grandmother’s treasures favoured by designers. So think gold-capped pearl drops, peacocks and tassels, threaded onto fine chains. There’s also a twist on iconic symbols such as crosses, hung sideways instead of the usual vertical drop and championed by the likes of Jennifer Lopez. This line also incorporates skulls, claws and spikes on everything from gold rings to ear studs, in a true return to Gothic form.

Gold pendants have long been a favourite jewellery staple. Whether dainty and small or heavy and show-stopping, drop necklaces have the ability to appeal to women across the board, in the same manner as gold wedding rings.

With another key trend for this year being the layered look, there’s a perfect excuse to mix and match whatever takes your fancy. Why not explore the pendant pages here on our sitefor an overview as to what’s on-trend in neckwear at the moment?

Written by Rachel Roberts

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