Whether you are looking for gold wedding rings as a couple, or perhaps considering purchasing some beautiful gold pendants to mark a special occasion or as a gift, a well-chosen piece of gold jewellery can last a lifetime. Learning a little about the fascinating heritage of gold can make the process of finding the perfect piece even more special. Be sure to also arm yourself with some practical knowledge before you make your purchase.

Ancient History

Am Byth Wedding Ring

Am Byth Wedding Ring

For hundreds of years, gold has been one of the most sought-after metals in the world. Records show that gold has long been regarded as the perfect choice for exclusive pieces of jewellery. This long history explains its standing as one of our best-loved metals. The oldest pieces of gold still in existence were found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians and date from the third millennium BC. These amazing artefacts are proof of just how advanced Egyptian craftsmanship was. The Romans were also very fond of gold and used it to make beautiful necklaces and coins bearing the image of their emperors. Gold continues to be as highly regarded today as it has been for millennia.


A wedding ring is the physical representation of the institution of marriage. The circular form of a wedding ring represents eternity. The exchange of wedding rings symbolises the couple’s commitment to eternal love.


Gold does not tarnish, which makes it perfect for noteworthy or sentimental objects. Good-quality gold wedding rings will last a lifetime. Many families pass their gold wedding rings down for generations. It is advisable to invest as much as you can when purchasing gold jewellery, to make sure your investment is secure. The weightier the piece and the higher the karat rating, the more expensive the piece will be.

Gold is a comparatively rare substance, which makes it distinctive. Traditional yellow gold is undergoing a surge in popularity at the moment. Whatever your personal taste in gold rings, there is a vast array of styles, colours and designs currently available. Gold is a particularly easy metal to work, so you could consider designing your own gold wedding rings and having them crafted by an experienced artisan jeweller.

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Written by Rachel Roberts

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