The jewellery world is changing with each passing year. Because jewellery is bought by people who have specific tastes, there is always the possibility that jewellery trends will morph over the decades. So what are some of the up and coming trends at this time? What things are coming back into style and what things remain popular? Here are some of the emerging trends, though they certainly are not the only things that are popular among jewellery buyers at the current time.

The return of yellow gold
Over the last decade or so, many people had turned to white gold. They liked the look of white gold, since it was softer and was more similar to platinum. This was a nice choice, of course, but one had to expect that the classic would eventually make a return to popularity. It appears that yellow gold is poised to replace white gold as the most popular type of gold once again. More people are buying yellow gold for the wedding rings and for their other types of jewelry. For jewellery buyers who want to get on the trend train, yellow gold is truly where it’s at.

Dark pearls rule the day
While traditional yellow gold might be coming back into vogue, a more trendy type of pearl is becoming much more popular. Tahitian pearls have a dark, shiny appearance and they are larger than white pearls. Many women are turning to these since they can be worn with different outfits. While white pearls go great with most formal outfits, it is difficult to wear them with casual outfits. That is where Tahitian pearls come into play and it’s why so many people are purchasing them now. Necklaces, bracelets, and even rings are popular right now and figure to remain popular for an extended period of time.

Costume jewellery makes its mark
In today’s jewellery world, many people are turning to less expensive “costume” jewellery. Though this stuff is not “real” in any jewellery sense and it is not comprised of precious stones, it remains a popular choice. The reasoning behind this is really quite simple. These pieces are cheap, so people can afford to buy many different items. Likewise, the creativity of people making these items has been enhanced over the years. Today’s costume jewelry looks better than it has in the past, and that is why so many people are making their choice.

Written by Rachel Roberts

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