Knowing where to start when choosing a wedding ring can be a difficult task. A wedding ring is something you will wear for a lifetime so therefore you want it to be perfect and timeless. Here at Clogau we have a stunning collection of gold wedding rings. What makes us stand out from the rest however is that we use a touch of rare welsh gold in each and every one of our rings, and it is welsh gold that has been the choice of the royal family for their wedding rings for 88 years!

In 1923 the first royal ring fashioned from a gift of welsh gold was created for the marriage of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon and George VI. Welsh gold was then used as the wedding ring of choice for The Queen in 1947 as well as those of the late Princess Margaret, the Princess Royal and the 1981 marriage of Prince Charles and Diana. Most recently Kate Middleton’s wedding ring has been created for her by the almost exhausted original welsh gold that has fashioned the rings of previous royals carrying the tradition to its 88thyear. It is a touch of this very same rare Welsh gold that is contained within each piece of Clogau gold wedding rings, making it some of the most exclusive jewellery in the world.

Tree of Life Wedding Ring from Clogau

Tree of Life Wedding Ring from Clogau

Gold from the Clogau Saint David’s mine was accidently discovered in 1825, however it is thought that the earliest gold mining activity was as early as 1,000BC. During the 20th century the Clogau mine was Britain’s largest and richest gold mine. There are currently no active gold mines in Wales making welsh gold extremely valuable and wonderfully unique…making our gold wedding rings the perfect wedding ring to symbolise the true beauty of your marriage.

The rarity of the precious welsh gold used to create our stunning rings combined with the fact that our Welsh gold is the choice of royalty proves that there is no better choice than Clogau when choosing a timeless wedding ring. Our luxurious unique jewellery is perfect to show the true love, friendship and life-long commitment between you and your loved one.

Written by Rachel Roberts

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