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Dancing through Wales’s broadleaf woodlands, over its dense mountainous areas and across its breathtaking coastline, is a light summer breeze – or awelon in Welsh. As ancient as the landscape itself, the presence of the Welsh breeze is revealed by the delicate motion of one of its ancient wooded ancestors, the trees. Containing rare Welsh gold, these mesmerising pieces are the perfect accessory to any outfit. 

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Awelon Peridot Pendant             
3SAN05 Awelon Peridot Pendant
Awelon Milestones® Bead Charm             
3SLLC230 Awelon Milestones® Bead Charm
(no rating yet)
Awelon Milestones® Bead Charm *SALE*             
LLC102 Awelon Milestones® Bead Charm *SALE*
£219  £153.30
Awelon Peridot Locket             
3SAL05 Awelon Peridot Locket
Awelon Ring *SALE*             
3SAR05 Awelon Ring *SALE*
(no rating yet)
£199  £99.50
Awelon Ring *SALE*             
3SAR06 Awelon Ring *SALE*
£109  £76.30
Awelon Ring *SALE*             
AR05 Awelon Ring *SALE*
£450  £315
Awelon Earrings *SALE*             
AE01 Awelon Earrings *SALE*
£300  £210
Awelon Necklace *SALE*             
AN01 Awelon Necklace *SALE*
(no rating yet)
£600  £420
Awelon Ring *SALE*             
AR03 Awelon Ring *SALE*
£640  £448
Awelon Ring *SALE*             
AR01 Awelon Ring *SALE*
£360  £252
Awelon Earrings             
3SAE01 Awelon Earrings
Awelon Stud Earrings             
3SAE02 Awelon Stud Earrings
Awelon Ring             
3SAR02 Awelon Ring
Awelon Bracelet             
3SABR Awelon Bracelet
Awelon Drop Necklace             
3SAN01 Awelon Drop Necklace