Love Vine

Part of our "Tree of Life®" chapter

The Love Vine collection takes inspiration from the enveloping vines that are entwined around the entrance of the Clogau St David’s gold mine in the beautiful Snowdonia mountains. This very same rare Welsh gold is beautifully and elegantly displayed on the vine leaves of the timeless pieces within this collection. 

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Love vine affinity stacking ring             
3SLVSR Love vine affinity stacking ring
Love Vine Pendant *SALE*             
LVP2 Love Vine Pendant *SALE*
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£550  £385
Love Vine Bangle             
3SLVBG Love Vine Bangle
Love Vine Pendant             
3SLVP02 Love Vine Pendant
Love Vine Ring             
3SLVR01 Love Vine Ring
Love Vine Earrings             
3SLVSE Love Vine Earrings
Love Vine Ring *SALE*             
LVR01 Love Vine Ring *SALE*
£350  £245