Make A Wish

Part of our "Forever Love" chapter

Most people are familiar with the idea of making a wish on a ‘wishbone’ or making a ‘wish upon a star’ and hoping your dreams will come true. No-one knows exactly where or when the tradition of wishing on a shooting star arose, but it is thought to be linked to the beauty and relative rarity of shooting stars. Make someone you love’s wishes come true.

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Wishbone Diamond Stud Earrings *SALE*             
WBSE Wishbone Diamond Stud Earrings *SALE*
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Wishbone Pendant *SALE*             
18WBP01 Wishbone Pendant *SALE*
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Make a Wish Ring *SALE*             
3SSTR Make a Wish Ring *SALE*
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Make A Wish Bead Charm             
3SLLC32 Make A Wish Bead Charm