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Milestones® Love

Storytelling through beautiful jewellery

From cherished memories to once-in-a-lifetime occasions, each bead charm tells a story of landmark events and personal occasions in a beautiful and unique way. In these Milestones® Love bead charms we celebrate the joyous, heartfelt, and romantic moments of life, with inspiration from the romantic Welsh tradition of lovespoons, intricate eternal Celtic weaves, simple hearts filled with love, and sentimental Welsh terms of endearment and affection such as Cariad and Cwtch.

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Eternity Milestones® Bead Charm             
3SLLC475 Eternity Milestones® Bead Charm
Cwtch Milestones® Bead Charm             
3SLLC509 Cwtch Milestones® Bead Charm
Lovespoon Barrel Milestones® Bead Charm             
LLC105 Lovespoon Barrel Milestones® Bead Charm
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Cariad® Bead Charm             
3SLLC63 Cariad® Bead Charm
Cariad® Bead Charm             
3SLLC64 Cariad® Bead Charm
Heartstrings® Bead Charm             
3SLLC66 Heartstrings® Bead Charm
Am Byth® Bead Charm             
LLC67 Am Byth® Bead Charm
Lovespoons Bead Charm             
LLC41 Lovespoons Bead Charm
Heart Bead Charm             
3SLLC1 Heart Bead Charm