Part of our "Tree of Life®" chapter

Through the everlasting repeating pattern of the interlocking vines, our creative team have delivered a modern perspective on our iconic Tree of Life® filigree design. The exquisite Origin collection captures where we have come from and our hopes and dreams for what the future may hold. These unique pieces of jewellery can be treasured forever and worn no matter what the occasion. 

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White Topaz Origin Ring           
ENGTOL6 White Topaz Origin Ring
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Origin White Topaz Earrings           
ENGTOLE6 Origin White Topaz Earrings
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Origin White Topaz Necklace           
ENGTOLP6 Origin White Topaz Necklace
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Origin Bracelet           
3SENGTLMB Origin Bracelet
Origin Necklace           
3SENGTLN Origin Necklace
Origin Ring           
3SENGTOL2 Origin Ring
Origin Drop Earrings           
3SENGTOLDE Origin Drop Earrings
Origin Pendant           
3SENGTLP2 Origin Pendant
Origin Earrings           
3SENGTOLE Origin Earrings
Origin Ring           
3SENGTOL1 Origin Ring