Part of our Secret Garden chAPter

The graceful rose, the epitome of love and beauty, blossoms gracefully within the quiet oasis of the secret garden. Its delicate petals glisten elegantly as it reflects the beauty of the subtle changes in the evening sky. Glowing pink sapphires reflect the tones of sunset, shifting to gleaming white moonlight represented by sparkling white sapphires.

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Rose Pink Sapphire Earrings             
3SRTWE Rose Pink Sapphire Earrings
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Rose Pink Sapphire Pendant             
3SRTWP Rose Pink Sapphire Pendant
Rose Pink Sapphire Ring             
3SRTWR Rose Pink Sapphire Ring
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Rose White Topaz Earrings             
3SRME Rose White Topaz Earrings
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Rose White Topaz Pendant             
3SRMP Rose White Topaz Pendant
Rose White Topaz Ring             
3SRMR Rose White Topaz Ring