Wales Polo

Part of our "Heart of Wales" chapter

Clogau is proud to be official sponsor of the Wales Polo Team and Welsh Polo Association. From this collaboration, both Clogau and the Wales Polo Team are able to strengthen their distinguished ties to both Wales and Royalty, with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales acting as patron of the team. Both the excitement and glamour of Polo, a sport steeped in rich heritage and tradition, has inspired the stylish Wales Polo collection.

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Wales Polo Earrings *SALE*     
PLE01 Wales Polo Earrings *SALE*
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£500  £350
Wales Polo Pendant *SALE*     
PLP Wales Polo Pendant *SALE*
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£1,000  £700
Wales Polo Bracelet *SALE*     
3SPLBR01 Wales Polo Bracelet *SALE*
£169  £118.30
Wales Polo Earrings *SALE*     
3SPLE02 Wales Polo Earrings *SALE*
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£119  £83.30