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You are just 3 steps away from creating your perfect bridal ring

Choose from an exquisite variety of diamonds, golds, band styles and designs to create your very own Compose by Clogau™ engagement ring. Scroll down for more info or start now...

Compose rings
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Compose rings



Fulfilling hopes, dreams, and creating something unique and precious, are the primary inspirations behind the Compose by Clogau™ collection. A huge variety of ring styles have been carefully designed and crafted, and all of the Compose by Clogau™ rings include rare Welsh gold as used by British Royalty for over 100 years.



Compose by Clogau™ follows the esteemed Royal tradition of using rare Welsh gold in wedding rings. The connections between Welsh gold and Royalty date back over 100 years. Pure Welsh gold was first used in Royal wedding rings in 1923, when the Queen Mother’s wedding ring was made from pure Welsh gold. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, carried on this Royal tradition on her marriage to Prince William by having her wedding ring made from pure Welsh gold.

Compose rings


Decide on your style and metal type, set your heart on a diamond and let us craft your bespoke engagement ring to perfection

Step 1

Choose your preferred gold type and colour, including yellow, white or rose gold in 9ct or 18ct, or platinum

Step 2

Then, choose from 6 unique ring styles, ranging from classical to modern.

Step 3

2 diamond cuts that will make your diamonds radiate for years to come.

Your dream ring is ready...

Once you have chosen all three elements you will see the final item in all its glory.

We will then direct you to the nearest Clogau stockist who will be able to supply your chosen ring.



Helping you to create something unique, personal and precious is what Compose by Clogau™ is all about. Browse the collection at your leisure and try on your favourite designs from a variety of ring styles available in platinum, white, yellow and rose gold.



Your Compose by Clogau™ engagement ring is the ultimate family heirloom to treasure forever. We understand the enormity of your decision so we want to make sure that we provide you with all the knowledge and guidance we can regarding your purchase so in years to come you are still happy that you made the perfect choice.



A diamond’s colour is measured by how colourless it is. Diamonds are graded from D (colourless and extremely rare) to Z (noticeably coloured). Compose by Clogau™ diamonds range from colourless to near colourless. We have carefully selected three colour choices for customers to choose from; D is our best; G is very close to the best and then I for those on a tighter budget but who still want a beautiful and white diamond.


Almost every diamond that exists contains naturally occurring imperfections; most of these are very tiny and cannot be seen with the naked eye. They have no visible impact on a diamond’s overall appearance. Diamonds are graded from FL (flawless) to I3 (not recommended). When you start composing your ring you can choose from SI1 (slightly included), VS2 (very slightly included) and VS1 (very slightly included, our best) diamonds.


The carat refers to the diamond weight and determining the size of the diamond (but not the quality of the diamond). The ideal carat weight for an engagement ring will depend on the size of the wearers’ finger and the budget.


Compose by Clogau™ diamonds are available in the classic round brilliant cut and the princess cut. All diamonds used in Compose by Clogau™ rings are good cut proportions and will achieve a wonderful sparkle and brilliance.



Understated elegance is what encapsulates Aria’s very essence. Purity and passion are reflected in her flawless nature. The elegant band of exquisite diamonds, combined with our iconic Tree of Life rose gold filigree complements the delicate design and stunning central diamond. The stylish and contemporary Aria wedding band has been designed to work in perfect harmony with the understated elegance of the Aria engagement ring. The band can also be given and worn as an eternity ring to show your love and commitment.



Our Capella engagement ring is a contemporary twist on a classic look incorporating subtle luxury and aspirational vintage design. The stylish setting of the single diamond is the ultimate symbol of timeless elegance. Let us guide you on your journey through the plans you are making and the joyful unity of your fairytale wedding waiting to unfold.


A regal presence and shining light at every occasion, Eleanor’s contemporary and captivating elegance is sure to charm everyone who sees her. As the mother of the first Prince of Wales in 1301, this captivating ring containing rare Welsh gold is as precious as its namesake. The engagement ring has been designed to marry beautifully with the complementary Eleanor wedding ring, making them the ultimate expression of your devotion, commitment and future together.



A contemporary twist on the timeless emotions that her name represents, Freya was the goddess of love in Scandinavian mythology. Overflowing with tenderness and romance, Freya unites the bonds of true love. The two Tree of Life filigree hearts signify the joining together and support for each other in a committed relationship, united by the single diamond. The Freya engagement and wedding rings have been designed to sit intimately together and reflect the unity of the ceremony they represent.


Guaranteed to make an unforgettable debut for all the right reasons, glamorous and captivating Sonatina exudes allure and sparkle. Presentation is all encompassing and this fabulous design is the ultimate opportunity to be in the spotlight. The beautifully set band of exquisite diamonds, when combined with our iconic Tree of Life rose gold filigree beautifully complements Sonatina’s sublime design. The complementary wedding band sits in perfect harmony with the engagement ring.



Valentina’s sublime contemporary design of a pure precious metal band on which your choice of sparkling diamond, cradled by our iconic Tree of Life rose gold filigree setting, is the ultimate romantic gesture. Celebrate your love by composing a bespoke heirloom engagement ring.