Meet our new Brand Ambassador

Gethin Jones

Clogau is thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration with Welsh broadcaster Gethin Jones. The Face of Clogau's Men's Jewellery.

Our partnership with Gethin marks the start of an array of exciting projects that celebrate our shared passion and adoration for Welsh culture and heritage.

Ben Roberts, Managing Director of Clogau, commented:

We are delighted to be working with Gethin on various projects within the marketing calendar this year. He really understands the brand and what we're trying to do.

We've always wanted to work together and thankfully the plan for 2017/18 fits nicely for both parties.

About Gethin

David Emanuel
Gethin became a household name as a presenter for the longest running UK children's show, Blue Peter.

Since then he’s continued to be a regular feature on our screens, most recently appearing as Zoe Ball’s co-host on BBC2’s Strictly It Takes Two. In addition, Gethin is currently busy running Nai, his charity based in Wales, whilst keeping up with his many sporting commitments.

Gethin's wealth of experience across TV and radio has led him to become one of the Nation's most recognised and admired TV personalities.

Clogau's partnership with Cardiff born Gethin marks the start of an array of exciting projects that celebrate their passion and adoration for Welsh culture and heritage.


Alluding to all that is possible in a short space of time, Clogau’s Interlude campaign is inspired by the grandeur and splendour of the opera - a sequence of moments full of song and dance where hours feel like seconds in a world of fantasy and brilliance.
It is during an interlude at the opera where we can pause, reflect, and take a mere moment to appreciate the memories we are creating; truly splendid memories with our loved ones, perfected with wonderfully meaningful jewellery.

Craig-Y-Nos Castle

Filmed at the breathtaking Craig-Y-Nos Castle in Wales, the former estate of opera singer Adelina Patti, Clogau tells their most opulent story to date.
Patti purchased Craig-y-Nos Castle and the surrounding land in 1878, to develop it as her own private estate. Having reached the soaring heights of a spectacular career, she spent the rest of her life at Craig-y-Nos, leaving it only to sing in the premier opera houses of Europe and to tour the United States, captivating the world with her flawless soprano voice.

Gethin at the Clogau mine with Ben and Bill

In this video Gethin Jones talks with Clogau's Ben and Bill about the fascinating story of Clogau and how they stumbled upon a forgotten mine deep in Snowdonia, a mine with a small treasure trove of Welsh gold still remaining. This is the same mine that has provided some of the the gold used in generations of pure Welsh gold Royal Family wedding rings.