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Anniversary Gifts

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The tradition of giving wedding anniversary gifts on significant milestones in a couple's relationship originated in Central Europe during in the Middle Ages. Each year together marks a deepening of a couple's commitment and help celebrate these occasions. Each anniversary has its own traditional and modern material and symbolic value.

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Anniversary Gifts For Her

Heartstrings® Necklace              
3SHSN Heartstrings® Necklace
Eternal Love Pendant              
3SELP Eternal Love Pendant
Tree of Life® Bow Ring *SALE*              
3STOLBR Tree of Life® Bow Ring *SALE*
£119  £71.40
Eternal Love Earrings              
3SELE Eternal Love Earrings
Eternal Love Diamond Heart Ring *SALE*              
3SELHR Eternal Love Diamond Heart Ring *SALE*
£169  £118.30
Eternal Love Earrings              
3SELE02 Eternal Love Earrings
Am Byth® Ring              
3SABR01 Am Byth® Ring
Eternal Love Bangle              
3SELB Eternal Love Bangle
Eternal Love Earrings              
ELE02 Eternal Love Earrings
Eternal Love Earrings              
ELE Eternal Love Earrings
Heart Affinity Stacking Ring *SALE*              
EH07 Heart Affinity Stacking Ring *SALE*
£250  £175
Eternal Love Pendant              
ELP Eternal Love Pendant
Heart Bead Charm              
3SLLC1 Heart Bead Charm
Lovespoons Bead Charm              
LLC41 Lovespoons Bead Charm
18ct gold Am Byth® Ring              
18ETOLR3 18ct gold Am Byth® Ring
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Anniversary Gifts For Him

Tree of Life® Ring              
3SOTLR Tree of Life® Ring
Annwyl Ring              
3SCWR Annwyl Ring
Annwyl Ring              
3SELR017 Annwyl Ring
Welsh Dragon® Pendant              
SD003 Welsh Dragon® Pendant
Tree of Life® Cufflinks              
3STOLCL Tree of Life® Cufflinks
Annwyl Ring              
ELR001 Annwyl Ring
Annwyl Ring              
CWR Annwyl Ring
Annwyl Ring              
ELYR017 Annwyl Ring
Welsh Dragon® Signet Ring              
CMG80 Welsh Dragon® Signet Ring
Annwyl Ring (Wide)              
ELR017 Annwyl Ring (Wide)