Christening Gifts

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A selection of christening gifts to mark the occasion of a birth or christening. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that it contains rare Welsh gold and will be treasured for many years to come. Important safety notice: although these items have been rigorously tested against various safety dangers there is always a small risk that small pieces can be broken if enough force is applied. To guard against all possible safety risks we therefore advise you to purchase these items as keepsakes, rather than items of jewellery for everyday wear.

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Gift ideas for christening

Clogau Celebration Ring             
3SMR2 Clogau Celebration Ring
Cariad® Locket             
SCLP Cariad® Locket
Clogau Celebration Pendant             
3SMP2 Clogau Celebration Pendant
Clogau Celebration Earrings             
3SME2 Clogau Celebration Earrings
Butterfly Locket (Small)             
3SBWP Butterfly Locket (Small)
Butterfly Stud Earrings             
3SBWLE01 Butterfly Stud Earrings
Butterfly Locket (Large)             
3SBWLP Butterfly Locket (Large)
Baby Steps Charm *SALE*             
3SCH094 Baby Steps Charm *SALE*
£89  £62.30
Clogau Celebration Bangle             
3SMBG2 Clogau Celebration Bangle
Teddy Bear Bead Charm             
3SLLC110 Teddy Bear Bead Charm
Stork Charm *SALE*             
3SCH092 Stork Charm *SALE*
(no rating yet)
£99  £69.30
Man in the Moon Bead Charm             
3SLLC107 Man in the Moon Bead Charm
Butterfly Ring             
3SBWLR Butterfly Ring
Baby Steps Bead Charm             
3SLLC94 Baby Steps Bead Charm