Father’s Day Gifts

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Dad's are often the unsung heroes of the house and they deserve the occasional treat. Why not surprise him with one of our Father’s Day gifts - a set of Welsh Dragon cufflinks or even a highly luxurious watch. Every item from our Father’s Day gifts section contains rare Welsh gold mined from the mountains of Snowdonia. These are Father’s Day gifts he’ll be proud to wear for a lifetime.

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Fathers Day Gifts

25 Pound Gift Voucher             
GV2 25 Pound Gift Voucher
Tree of Life® Ring             
3SOTLR Tree of Life® Ring
Annwyl Ring             
3SCWR Annwyl Ring
Welsh Dragon® Signet Ring             
3SCMG81 Welsh Dragon® Signet Ring
Annwyl Ring             
3SELR017 Annwyl Ring
4mm Annwyl Wedding Band             
3SCWED4 4mm Annwyl Wedding Band
Tree of Life® Cufflinks             
3STOLCL Tree of Life® Cufflinks
Welsh Dragon® Pendant             
SD003 Welsh Dragon® Pendant
5mm Annwyl Wedding Band             
3SCWED5 5mm Annwyl Wedding Band
(no rating yet)
Welsh Dragon® Cufflinks             
SD006 Welsh Dragon® Cufflinks
Annwyl Ring             
ELR001 Annwyl Ring
I Am Wales Signet Ring             
3SIAWSR I Am Wales Signet Ring
Mens Dragon Scale Ring             
3SDSHR Mens Dragon Scale Ring
Tree of Life® Signet Ring             
3STLSR Tree of Life® Signet Ring
(no rating yet)
Onyx Cufflinks             
3SCL03 Onyx Cufflinks
Mens Dragon Scale Ring             
3SDSSR Mens Dragon Scale Ring
(no rating yet)
Annwyl Cufflinks             
3SCWCL Annwyl Cufflinks
Annwyl Ring (Wide)             
ELR017 Annwyl Ring (Wide)
Annwyl Ring             
ELYR017 Annwyl Ring
WRU I Am Wales Ring             
3SIAWR02 WRU I Am Wales Ring
Annwyl Celtic 4mm Ring             
CWED4 Annwyl Celtic 4mm Ring
(no rating yet)
Welsh Dragon® Signet Ring             
CMG80 Welsh Dragon® Signet Ring
Annwyl Celtic 5mm Ring             
CWED5 Annwyl Celtic 5mm Ring
(no rating yet)
I Am Wales Rugby Ball Cufflinks             
3SIAWRBCL I Am Wales Rugby Ball Cufflinks
(no rating yet)
Mens Dragon Scale Bangle             
3SDSBG Mens Dragon Scale Bangle
(no rating yet)
Welsh Dragon® Pendant             
D001 Welsh Dragon® Pendant