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Our range of men’s items are among our most popular, and for good reason. Look closely and you can see the level of detail and quality handcraftsmanship that goes into each piece, from our Welsh Dragon cufflinks to our hallmark gold watch. This is Welsh identity showcased in the best possible style.

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Mens gift ideas

Tree of Life® Ring           
3SOTLR Tree of Life® Ring
25 Pound Gift Voucher           
GV2 25 Pound Gift Voucher
Annwyl Ring           
3SCWR Annwyl Ring
Annwyl Ring           
3SELR017 Annwyl Ring
Tree of Life Cufflinks           
3STOLCL Tree of Life Cufflinks
Annwyl Ring           
ELR001 Annwyl Ring
Welsh Dragon® Pendant           
SD003 Welsh Dragon® Pendant
Welsh Dragon Cufflinks           
SD006 Welsh Dragon Cufflinks
Welsh Dragon Cufflinks           
SCMG83 Welsh Dragon Cufflinks
Annwyl Ring (Wide)           
ELR017 Annwyl Ring (Wide)
Annwyl Ring           
CWR Annwyl Ring
Onyx Cufflinks           
3SCL03 Onyx Cufflinks
Annwyl Ring           
ELYR017 Annwyl Ring
Annwyl Cufflinks           
3SCWCL Annwyl Cufflinks
Hallmarked Cufflinks           
3SCL02 Hallmarked Cufflinks
(no rating yet)
Capsule Cufflinks           
3SCL05 Capsule Cufflinks
Welsh Dragon® Signet Ring           
CMG80 Welsh Dragon® Signet Ring
Gents WRU Sports Watch           
4STCLWRW22 Gents WRU Sports Watch
(no rating yet)
Welsh Dragon® Pendant           
D001 Welsh Dragon® Pendant