Mother's Day gift ideas

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Every mother deserves to be spoilt every now and then with something that makes her feel loved and cared for. Show mum how much you appreciate her in the most beautiful and sentimental way with something that says "I love you" forever - a piece of Clogau...

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Mothers Day Gifts

Fairy Locket *SALE*             
STFLP Fairy Locket *SALE*
£250  £125
Annwyl Ring             
3SELR017 Annwyl Ring
Tree of Life® Ring             
ETOLR4 Tree of Life® Ring
Tree of Life® Ring             
SILR Tree of Life® Ring
Am Byth® Ring             
3SABR01 Am Byth® Ring
Annwyl Ring             
ELR001 Annwyl Ring
Tree of Life® Ring *SALE*             
STLR Tree of Life® Ring *SALE*
£280  £196
Daffodil Stud Earrings             
DSE Daffodil Stud Earrings
Eternal Love Pendant             
ELP Eternal Love Pendant
Eternal Love Earrings             
ELE Eternal Love Earrings
Tree of Life® Ring             
ILR Tree of Life® Ring
Daffodil Pendant             
DP3 Daffodil Pendant
Fairy Locket             
TFLP Fairy Locket
Annwyl Ring             
ELYR017 Annwyl Ring
Annwyl Ring             
CWR Annwyl Ring
Am Byth® Bead Charm             
LLC67 Am Byth® Bead Charm
Tree of Life® Ring             
TLR Tree of Life® Ring
Awelon Earrings             
AE01 Awelon Earrings
Kensington Ring *SALE*             
TOLSR Kensington Ring *SALE*
£950  £665
Love Vine Ring             
DLR Love Vine Ring
Am Byth Ring             
ETOLR2 Am Byth Ring