St. Valentine’s Day Gifts

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The secret to buying the perfect Valentine's Day gift is preparation. Or to put it another way, the amount of thought you give the gift is as important as the amount you spend on the gift. No matter what you buy, nobody wants to feel like they're part of a last minute to-do list – they want to feel loved, cared for and appreciated. And that's why we've put together a list of our most beautiful and romantic Valentine's Day gift ideas.

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Valentines Day Gifts

Tree of Life® Ring             
3SOTLR Tree of Life® Ring
Eternal Love Pendant             
3SELP Eternal Love Pendant
Fairy Locket *SALE*             
STFLP Fairy Locket *SALE*
£250  £125
Heartstrings® Necklace             
3SHSN Heartstrings® Necklace
Fairy Bead Charm             
3SLLC54 Fairy Bead Charm
Cariad® Locket             
SCLP Cariad® Locket
Awelon Ring             
3SAR02 Awelon Ring
Annwyl Ring             
3SCWR Annwyl Ring
Cariad® Pendant             
SCA010 Cariad® Pendant
Heartstrings® Bracelet             
3SHSBR02 Heartstrings® Bracelet
Tree of Life® Ring             
ETOLR4 Tree of Life® Ring
Cariad® Ring             
3SCCLR2 Cariad® Ring
Tree of Life Origin Earrings             
3SENGTOLE Tree of Life Origin Earrings
Welsh Royalty Pendant             
3SEDP Welsh Royalty Pendant
Heartstrings® Earrings             
3SHSE01 Heartstrings® Earrings
Royal Clogau® Oak Ring             
3SOLR Royal Clogau® Oak Ring
Tree of Life Origin Pendant             
3SENGTLP2 Tree of Life Origin Pendant
Tree of Life® Ring             
SILR Tree of Life® Ring
Am Byth® Ring             
3SABR01 Am Byth® Ring
Heartstrings® Earrings             
3SHSE02 Heartstrings® Earrings
Tree of Life Origin Ring             
3SENGTOL1 Tree of Life Origin Ring
Cariad® Bead Charm             
3SLLC63 Cariad® Bead Charm
Annwyl Ring             
ELR001 Annwyl Ring
Eternal Love Bangle             
3SELB Eternal Love Bangle
Welsh Royalty Earrings             
3SEDE Welsh Royalty Earrings
Cariad® Bead Charm             
3SLLC64 Cariad® Bead Charm
Heartstrings® Ring             
3SHSR Heartstrings® Ring
Heart Affinity Stacking Ring             
EH07 Heart Affinity Stacking Ring
Tree of Life® Bead Charm             
LLC38 Tree of Life® Bead Charm
Eternal Love Pendant             
ELP Eternal Love Pendant
Heart Bead Charm             
3SLLC1 Heart Bead Charm
Cariad® Pendant             
CAHP Cariad® Pendant
Eternal Love Earrings             
ELE Eternal Love Earrings
Frog Prince Bead Charm             
3SLLC45 Frog Prince Bead Charm
Heartstrings® Bead Charm             
3SLLC66 Heartstrings® Bead Charm
Fairy Earrings             
TFLE Fairy Earrings
Fairy Locket             
TFLP Fairy Locket
Tree of Life® Ring             
TLR Tree of Life® Ring
Tree of Life® Bangle             
TLB Tree of Life® Bangle
18ct gold Am Byth® Ring             
18ETOLR3 18ct gold Am Byth® Ring
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Welsh Dragon® Pendant             
D001 Welsh Dragon® Pendant