Our Heritage campaign, the photoshoot
and our wonderful creative team

Welcome to our Heritage campaign

Family sentiments, majestic filigree and Welsh gold encapsulate Clogau’s 25th anniversary Heritage campaign. This year is the start of our 25th anniversary celebrations, commemorating the founding of Clogau and all that has been achieved during this time. The Clogau story is still in its infancy although our Royal heritage and cultural legacy spans the last century.

Celebrating 25 years of Clogau

Celebrating 25 years as one the UKs most successful jewellery brands is a pivotal milestone for Clogau.

The aspirations for the campaign were to build on our iconic foundations and ensure the brand heritage remained relevant enough to resonate with our domestic and international markets and also create a platform for us to engage with a new audience.

With strong Welsh roots and links to the Royal Family, Clogau is a very British brand with huge international appeal. We now operate in the Middle East and China with plans for further growth.

Royalty and Welsh cultural heritage are at the heart of the Company’s past, present and future. Welsh gold was first used by the Royal family in the investiture regalia for Edward, Prince of Wales in 1911 and again in 1969 for HRH, Prince Charles. The investiture took place at Caernafon Castle on the fringes of Snowdonia, home to the Clogau St David’s mine. This same rare Welsh gold has also been used to create wedding rings for some members of the Royal Family since 1923.

The ties between Caernarfon and Royalty remain to this day.

"The Real Downton Abbey"

Clogau decided to set the Heritage Campaign against the aristocratic backdrop of Highclere Castle, the home of the current Earl and Countess of Carnarvon.

Highclere Castle is the setting for the world famous TV series Downton Abbey.

Highclere Castle, rich in heritage and instantly recognisable all over the world is the perfect backdrop for our campaign. Cultural soft power is invaluable when creating a campaign that will meet the brand building objectives across different markets and cultures.

It was a privilege to work at Highclere with their consummately professional team. Our creative team of Sam Roberts, John Oakley, Fingercuff Productions, Lan Nguyen-Grealis and Yuko Friedrikson were once again sensational to work with. Our fabulous stylist Marie Louise Von Hasleberg made sure we stayed true to our Welsh roots by providing elegant couture dresses by bridal dress designer, Stephanie Allin and simple, elegant millinery of Robyn Coles.

Meet the Heritage Creative Team

Stephanie Allin

Stephanie Allin

Stephanie Allin is widely recognised as one of the best British bridal fashion designers. She has been making couture award winning wedding dresses for over 20 years and her unique creations are loved for her attention to detail, femininity and impeccable fit. She is renowned for her exquisite use of the most luxurious fabrics which she hand picks every season.

Robyn Coles

Robyn Coles

As a former buyer for high fashion brands such as Armani, Liberty and Browns, Robyn Coles is no stranger to the world of luxury goods, bespoke craftsmanship and fashion.

In 2010 Robyn made the life changing decision to leave London and return to Cardiff. Armed with a diploma in Millinery from the London School of Fashion, Robyn established ‘Robyn Coles Millinery’.

Robyn’s focus is on simple, elegant designs with strong architectural shapes and bold colours.

In her atelier in the Victorian Arcade in Cardiff you can often see Robyn and her team busily working on bespoke pieces and samples for both private clients and forthcoming collections. Each hat and headpiece is made using traditional millinery techniques and every bead and embellishment sewn by hand.

In addition to bespoke commissions where pieces can be tailored and dyed to meet clients’ individual needs, Robyn Coles Millinery also creates small seasonal collections, shown at London Fashion Week, which can be brought directly through

John Oakley

John Oakley

John is a London based editorial fashion and advertising photographer who is renowned for capturing light and movement in an innovative way.

John is able to capture images which are both dramatic and sensual, his talent is quickly being recognised and noticed by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Both nationally and internationally, John has worked with big name UK commercial brands such as Gossards and American brands such as luxury skincare brand, Elizabeth Grant.

His unique style also appeals to boutique designers such as Nichole de Carle (recently designed items for Cheryl Cole, Emma Thompson and the super model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - following a campaign John shot for her).

John has also worked for a range of different magazines, music artists (for example 50 Cent) and international figures such as Nelson Mandela.

Marie-Louise Von Haselberg

A trained illustrator, Marie-Louise Von Haselberg got her start in fashion after launching her own window design business in London.

With clients from Tiffany & Co to Garrards, Butler & Wilson and Stuart Weitzman in New York, it was clear early on that she was destined for success in the aesthetic industry.

Von Haselberg later transitioned into costume design for films, TV and opera, before dabbling into a more foreign field by designing a bar at the onset of the DJ bar scene.

Falling quite happily into fashion, she has since worked for publications such as Sunday Times Style, French Gloss, Vanity Fair and spent several years as a contributing fashion editor at the Financial Times, before becoming the editor-in-chief of Glass Magazine Online.

Lan Nguyen

Lan Nguyen

Lan is currently Professional National Makeup Awards Winner 2011 for best studio shoot and overall winner. Irish-born Lan has become an established name in the fashion and beauty industry.

Coming from an art background, Lan studied fashion at Central Saint Martins. Self-taught in make-up, Lan heads and designs key shows. Lan was the editor for Phoenix magazine, published for London Fashion Week, promoting best new talent.

Lan has contributed to various editorials such as Vanity Fair, Elle UK, Russian Vogue, Glamour, Grazia and Stella. Celebrities that Lan has worked on include Caprice, Micha Paris and Lady Isabella Hervey.

Claire Jones

Harpist & Clogau Ambassador
Claire Jones

Recognised as one of Wales' most outstanding young talents, Claire Jones was appointed Official Harpist to His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales between 2007 and 2011, making her the longest serving Royal harpist to date.

In April 2011 she performed for the newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at their wedding reception in Buckingham Palace where she wore a bespoke collection of Clogau’s Royal Roses jewellery.

As Brand Ambassador, Claire is now internationally recognised and performs at concerts globally wearing her favourite Heartstrings jewellery.

Fingercuff Productions

Fingercuff Productions

Fingercuff was founded in 2000, by two young directors in order to realise their creative visual ideas.

In 2007 they relocated to London, and since then Fingercuff has grown into a collective of creative individuals with skills in numerous areas including; directing, producing, shooting, post-production, photography, graphics and more.

Fingercuff are multiple award-winning filmmakers whose work has been broadcast on numerous channels such as; MTV, ITV and Channel 4.

They have also been screened at BAFTA, and at film festivals around the world.

Based in London, but covering the whole of the UK, their clients range from large corporate organisations and record labels, to local businesses and charities.

Yuko Fredriksson

Yuko Fredrikkson

Originally from Sweden, Yuko moved to London in order to pursue her career as a make-up artist. Since graduating from University of Arts London, she has had an expanding portfolio in the creative industry.

In addition to advertising, TV, editorial and private client work, she has gone to work with some of the top names in the fashion industry on shows in New York, Milan, London and Paris.

Born to a Swedish father and Japanese mother, Yuko’s mixed heritage can be recognised in her work. Her artistic style very much reflects both cultures – never OTT, just simple, clean and stylish but still with an edge.