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Silver Bracelets

Silver has long been valued as a precious metal. In ancient times, silver was used for making high-value objects reflecting the wealth and status of the owner. Today, Clogau offers a selection of silver bracelets that reflect your own personality and your own personal taste with a range of meaningful designs that will stand the test of time. Every silver bracelet includes 9ct rose gold. Within this rose gold is rare Welsh gold from the mountains of Snowdonia.

Milestones bracelet

New! Highly recommended

Calon Lan bead charm bracelet
Add as many bead charms as you wish to your Milestones bead charm bracelet. Each bead charm represents a special moment in your life which you can keep with you at all times.

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Clogau Cariad® Beaded Bracelet             
3SBB2 Clogau Cariad® Beaded Bracelet
Clogau Am Byth® Beaded Bracelet             
3SBB1 Clogau Am Byth® Beaded Bracelet
Orchid Bracelet *SALE*             
3SOFMB Orchid Bracelet *SALE*
£149  £104.30
Eternal Love Bracelet             
3SELMB Eternal Love Bracelet
Heartstrings® Bracelet             
3SHSBR02 Heartstrings® Bracelet
Daffodil Bracelet             
3SDMB Daffodil Bracelet
Butterfly Affinity Bracelet             
3SBBR1 Butterfly Affinity Bracelet
Clogau Celebration Bracelet             
3SMB2 Clogau Celebration Bracelet
Royal Clogau® Oak Bracelet             
3SOBR Royal Clogau® Oak Bracelet
Cariad® Bracelet             
3SCMB Cariad® Bracelet
Cariad® Bracelet             
3SCBR4 Cariad® Bracelet
Tree of Life® Bracelet             
3STLMB Tree of Life® Bracelet
I Am Wales Double Strap Bracelet             
3SIAWBR2 I Am Wales Double Strap Bracelet
Eternal Love Diamond Bracelet             
3SELMB1 Eternal Love Diamond Bracelet
Debutante Affinity Feather Bracelet             
3SDBFMB Debutante Affinity Feather Bracelet
(no rating yet)
Affinity Heart Bracelet             
XX3SAFBR1 Affinity Heart Bracelet
Butterfly Affinity Bracelet             
3SBWMB3 Butterfly Affinity Bracelet
Awelon Bracelet             
3SABR Awelon Bracelet
Cariad® Friendship bracelet             
3SCRFBR Cariad® Friendship bracelet
(no rating yet)
Eternity Diamond Drop Bracelet             
3SETDMB4 Eternity Diamond Drop Bracelet
Tree of Life Milestones® Bracelet Pink enamel (17cm)             
3SMSTBP17 Tree of Life Milestones® Bracelet Pink enamel (17cm)
(no rating yet)
Calon Lân Milestones® Bracelet (17cm)             
3SMSCB17 Calon Lân Milestones® Bracelet (17cm)
(no rating yet)
Clogau Tassel Beaded Bracelet             
3SBB3 Clogau Tassel Beaded Bracelet
(no rating yet)
Cariad® Heart Bracelet             
3SCHMBR Cariad® Heart Bracelet
Tree of Life® Origin Bracelet             
3SENGTLMB Tree of Life® Origin Bracelet
Eternity White Topaz Bracelet *SALE*             
XX3SETMB2 Eternity White Topaz Bracelet *SALE*
(no rating yet)
£99  £69.30
David Emanuel Heart Bracelet             
3SDEHBR David Emanuel Heart Bracelet
(no rating yet)
David Emanuel Star Bracelet             
3SDESBR David Emanuel Star Bracelet
(no rating yet)