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  • Clogau 1854 18ct Welsh Royalty Trilogy Diamond Ring *SALE* 1854WRR1

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Clogau 1854 18ct Welsh Royalty Trilogy Diamond Ring

Item Code: 1854WRR1

The Victorian era was one of discovery, prosperity and knowledge. One of the most significant finds of that age was the discovery of gold in the heart of Snowdonia. The volcanic eruption of Rhobell Fawr over 500 million years ago brought copper and gold from the sea. These precious metal bearing seams were eventually found, heralding the start of the Welsh gold rush.

Gold was discovered at the Clogau St. David’s mine in 1854 and it became the richest and most productive gold mine in the Dolgellau gold belt. The unique pale rose-yellow tone of the gold found inside the mine is a result of the copper that had previously been mined there giving this rose cast to the mine ore.

This appreciation of the beauty of this unique shade is behind the creation of blend 1854. To celebrate 165 years since gold was discovered at Clogau and to celebrate our 30th anniversary, this unique blend is used in our limited edition anniversary rings.

These exceptional trilogy rings use the exclusive 1854 blend containing rare Welsh gold and are adorned with precious diamonds. Every ring is only available to purchase in 2019, ensuring these beautiful collectors pieces will be worn and treasured for a lifetime.

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