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  • Cariad Milestones Bead Charm *SALE* 3SLLC63

Women's item.

Cariad® Milestones® Bead Charm

Item Code: 3SLLC63

When you've reached a significant milestone in your life, a Clogau bead charm acts as the most perfect reminder of the special event in a most beautiful and personal way.

The Club bead charm exudes bold elegance with the Welsh word 'Cariad' (meaning darling, beloved or sweetheart) written in a flowing italic script.

Containing rare Welsh gold, the gold of Royalty since 1911, the Club bead charm is a fitting addition to any bead charm bracelet.

This bead charm fits most Pandora, Chamilia and Trollbead bead charm bracelets.

May be available within our Outlet stores.
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