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  • Vintage Globe Milestones Bead Charm *SALE* 3SLLC158

Women's item.

Vintage Globe Milestones® Bead Charm

Item Code: 3SLLC158

Inspired by the romance of the golden age of travel and true to the sentiments behind these global voyages, our 'Love makes the world go around' bead charm is a visual representation of your personal journey through life. Add it to your Milestones® bracelet as you wish or gift it to someone to wish them well on their travels or to record significant events on life's journey. The ultimate visual record of a fulfilled life that can be added to and treasured by people of all ages. The delicate silver and rose gold charm contains rare Welsh gold – the gold of Royalty for over 100 years.

This bead charm fits most Pandora, Chamilia and Trollbead bead charm bracelets.

May be available within our Outlet stores.
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