There's nothing above a mother's love

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Heartstrings necklace Fairy locketLetter H Milestones bead charm Star bead charm Ruby Heart bead charm Heart bead charm Eternal Love bead charm Eternal Love diamond locket Kensington locket 50th Celebration Milestones bead charm

Every mother deserves to be spoilt every now and then with something that makes her feel loved and cared for.

Show mum how much you appreciate her in the most beautiful and sentimental way with something that says "I love you" forever - a piece of Clogau...

Keep a message close to mum's heart

Engrave a personal message on any of these items for just £15, or keep a momento inside a locket so that mum can keep something close to her heart forever. See all engravable items

Engravable jewellery for Mother's Day
Tree of Life pendant Awelon locket Cariad diamond heart locket Cariad locket Cariad pendant Tree of Life locket Tree of Life ring Tree of Life ring Tree of Life ring Annwyl ring Annwyl ring Tree of Life ring Tree of Life ring

Fabulous Filigrees

Fabulous filigree for Mother's Day
Fairy locket Fairy bead charm Fairy locket Fairy earrings Am Byth ring Celtic Weave ring Kensington ring Kensington pendant Welsh Royalty heart pendantTree of Life bangle

Modern Mums

Jewellery for Modern Mums
Eternal Love maxi necklace Moonlight Rose pendant Indian Elephant Journery pendant Red Hart ring Cariad diamond heart ring Black ceramic and rose steel watch Orchid pendant Venue diamond ring Origin ring Clogau Celebration pendant


Wristwear for Mother's Day
Cariad bracelet Bamboo bangle Heartstrings bacelet Tree of Life Bow bracelet Am Byth bangle White Ceramic and Rose Steel ladies watch

New Mums

Jewellery for New Mums
Floral Egg pendant Teddy Bear bead charm Man in the Moon bead charm Baby Steps bead charm Baby Steps bead charm Seren Wishes pendant Mother and Daughter pendant Baby Carriage bead charm Present bead charm Cupcake bead charm Welsh Poppy pendant

Mum's Milestones, Memories and Moments

Milestones Memories and Moments
Strawberry bead charm Royal Roses bead charm Four Leaf Clover bead charm Poppy Milestones bead charmAmethyst Star bead charm Love, Luck and Happiness bead charm Fairy bead charm Teddy Bear bead charm Heartstrings bead charm Milestones bead charm braceletLovespoons bead charm Welsh Dragon bead charm Tree of Life bead charm Cannetille Heart bead charm Ruby Heart bead charm Eternal Love bead charm Man in the Mood bead charm Daffodil bead charm White Sapphire and Ruby bead charm Amethyst Multi Star bead charm Secret Garden Key bead charm Milestone's bead charm bracelet Eternal Love bead charm Tree of Life bead charm

For Mums with a Heart of Gold

Mums with a Heart of Gold
Annwyl ring Fairy earrings Fairy locket Am Byth ring Eternal Love earrings Eternal Love pendant Affinity stacking ring Dwynwen Heart pendant Dwynwen stud earrings Tree of Life ring Tree of Life ring Tree of Life Eternity ring Tree of Life pendant Am Byth earrings Tudor Court pendant Am Byth diamond ring

Something extra to go with your gift

Heartstrings perfume

Eau de Toilette by Clogau. 50ml. £35

Accompanying the popular Heartstrings jewellery collection, the Heartstrings fragrance is a romantic scent inspired by the feminine beauty of the harp and its crystalline and delicate tones. This refreshing floral fragrance is a perfect composition, opening with notes of lemon, pink pepper and cool mint giving sparkle to the diffusive floral heart of exotic jasmine, muguet and rose. The silky, sensuous base of musk, amber and cedarwood brings this fragrance to a stunning close.

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