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Social Distancing Calculator

To help us all stay safe and follow social distancing guidelines Clogau have provided this social distancing calculator, it can be used to help you make decisions about the number of people you can safely have in a space. Remember it’s only a basic guide and there are many factors other than raw space that need to be taken into account. Factors such as the number of entrances & exits you have, furniture, walkways and whether people are sitting, standing or moving around all need to be taken into consideration.

The calculator can answer 2 basic questions:

How many people can fit in a room?
Enter your space (in square feet) into the box labelled "How much space do you have?", and click "calculate"

What size room is needed for a given number of people?
Enter the number of people in the box labelled "How many people do you have?" and click "calculate".

How can I account for the other factors?
The more movement in the room (patrons walking around etc.) the more space apart you need. To do this increase the number in the box labelled "What are the current social distancing recommendations?".

What are the current social distancing recommendations?(In metres)

How much space do you have?(In square metres)

How many people do you have?


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