Enchanting collections inspired by Welsh stories

Stories from Wales: Tree of Life

In Celtic past, towering trees were seen as a connection to spirits, and doorways into other worlds, their roots capable of piercing through the realms of an underworld and their branches able to travel high, into the heavens. These giant landmarks became known as Crann Bethadh, a group’s tree of life, which protected their origins and provided them with food, shelter and warmth.


Enchanted Forest

The forests of Wales are enchanted spaces, full of curiosity and tales of magic. Cool, clear peridot and mystical opaque aventurine capture the green tones of the forest canopy and the shaded pathways beneath. The exquisite light of dawn laces through the tangled branches creating a beautifully captivating image of wonder and excitement.

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Natural Beauty of Wales


The enchanting fairy is a mythical being of romance and folklore with unbounded magical powers, living in beautiful secret gardens and enchanted follies. Much of the folklore about fairies revolves around protection and was shaped in literature during the Victorian era – a magical time when our heritage with Welsh gold began.

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Inspired by Wales


Dancing through Wales’s broadleaf woodlands, over its dense mountainous areas and across its breathtaking coastline, is a light summer breeze – or awelon in Welsh. As ancient as the landscape itself, the presence of the Welsh breeze is revealed by the delicate motion of one of its ancient wooded ancestors, the trees.

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