Part of our "Love Story" chapter

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.” – Henry David Thoreau. Today's special moments are tomorrow's wonderful memories. Love and friendship are as timeless and valuable as these beautifully elegant pieces.

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Cariad® Triple Heart Pendant *SALE*             
3SCTP3 Cariad® Triple Heart Pendant *SALE*
(no rating yet)
£270  £189
Cariad® Triple Heart Ring *SALE*             
3SCTR3 Cariad® Triple Heart Ring *SALE*
£159  £111.30
Cariad® Am Byth® Script Bangle             
3SAMCBG Cariad® Am Byth® Script Bangle
Cariad® Diamond Pendant             
3SCTP Cariad® Diamond Pendant
(no rating yet)
Cariad® Diamond Ring             
3SCTR Cariad® Diamond Ring
Cariad® Medium Bangle             
3SCBBGM Cariad® Medium Bangle
(no rating yet)
Cariad® Heart Drop Earrings             
3SCDE010 Cariad® Heart Drop Earrings
Cariad® Bracelet             
3SCBR4 Cariad® Bracelet
Cariad® Bangle             
3SCBG Cariad® Bangle
Cariad® Heart Ring *SALE*             
3SCAHR Cariad® Heart Ring *SALE*
£129  £90.30
Cariad® Bracelet             
3SCMB Cariad® Bracelet
Cariad® Pendant             
3SCA012 Cariad® Pendant
Cariad® Ring             
CCLR3 Cariad® Ring
Cariad® Pendant             
CAHP Cariad® Pendant
Cariad® Earrings             
CE01 Cariad® Earrings
Cariad® earrings             
3SCE010 Cariad® earrings
Cariad® Ring             
3SCCLR2 Cariad® Ring
Cariad® Bead Charm             
3SLLC63 Cariad® Bead Charm
Cariad® Bead Charm             
3SLLC64 Cariad® Bead Charm
Heart Bead Charm             
3SLLC1 Heart Bead Charm
Cariad® Pendant             
SCA010 Cariad® Pendant
Cariad® Locket             
SCLP Cariad® Locket