Magical Alice


Inspired by Lewis Carroll's wonderful tale Alice in Wonderland, we introduce two beautiful Magical Alice collections that are sure to light up your jewellery collection: Looking Glass and The Two Queens.

These pieces are inspired by the magical adventures of Lewis Carroll’s Alice. Alice Liddell, the young girl who inspired the author, first visited Llandudno in 1861, staying at the Tudno Villa apartments, now the St. Tudno Hotel. The Liddell family also had a holiday home at Penmorfa on the West Shore.

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3SALWL The Two Queens Topaz Locket
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3SALWL2 The Two Queens Ruby Locket
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3SALWP3 Looking Glass Pendant
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3SALWR3 Looking Glass Ring
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3SALWSE3 Looking Glass Stud Earrings
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