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A hand-picked selection of our best ‘Gifts for her’ items, chosen from our complete range of ladies jewellery (over 300 items). Every item here is exceptionally popular amongst our female customers for its style, longevity and exquisite handcraftsmansip. Not forgeting the content of Welsh gold that goes into every piece. Gifts for her that you can be sure she'll adore.

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Womans gift ideas

25 Pound Gift Voucher             
GV2 25 Pound Gift Voucher
Tree of Life® Ring             
3SCTOLR Tree of Life® Ring
Heartstrings® Necklace             
3SHSN Heartstrings® Necklace
Cariad® Pendant             
3SCA012 Cariad® Pendant
Dwynwen Opal Pendant             
3SDWP Dwynwen Opal Pendant
Eternal Love Pendant             
3SELP Eternal Love Pendant
Annwyl Ring             
3SCWR Annwyl Ring
Cariad® Locket             
SCLP Cariad® Locket
Heartstrings® Bracelet             
3SHSBR02 Heartstrings® Bracelet
Life Affinity Stacking Ring             
3SILSR Life Affinity Stacking Ring
Daffodil Bead Charm             
3SLLC53 Daffodil Bead Charm
Fairy Bead Charm             
3SLLC54 Fairy Bead Charm
Awelon Ring             
3SAR02 Awelon Ring
Annwyl Ring             
3SELR017 Annwyl Ring
Cariad® Ring             
3SCCLR2 Cariad® Ring
Eternal Love Diamond Heart Ring *SALE*             
3SELHR Eternal Love Diamond Heart Ring *SALE*
£169  £118.30
Fairy Locket             
3STFLP1 Fairy Locket
Tree of Life® Origin Pendant             
3SENGTLP2 Tree of Life® Origin Pendant
Dwynwen Opal Drop Earrings             
3SDWE Dwynwen Opal Drop Earrings
Tree of Life® Ring             
ETOLR4 Tree of Life® Ring
Am Byth® Ring             
3SABR01 Am Byth® Ring
Lovespoons Ring             
LSPR Lovespoons Ring
Heartstrings® Bead Charm             
3SLLC66 Heartstrings® Bead Charm
Tree of Life® Origin Ring             
3SENGTOL1 Tree of Life® Origin Ring
Cariad® Pendant             
CAHP Cariad® Pendant
Cariad® Ring             
CCLR3 Cariad® Ring
Daffodil Pendant             
DP3 Daffodil Pendant
Butterfly Locket (Large)             
3SBWLP Butterfly Locket (Large)
Tree of Life® Bead Charm             
3SLLC76 Tree of Life® Bead Charm
Annwyl Ring             
CWR Annwyl Ring
Heart Affinity Stacking Ring *SALE*             
EH07 Heart Affinity Stacking Ring *SALE*
£250  £175
Annwyl Ring (Wide)             
ELR017 Annwyl Ring (Wide)
Tree of Life® Ring             
ILR Tree of Life® Ring
Heart Bead Charm             
3SLLC1 Heart Bead Charm
18ct gold Am Byth® Ring             
18ETOLR3 18ct gold Am Byth® Ring
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