The Faces of the Clogau Brand

Clogau is very proud to work closely with Claire Jones, the former Official Harpist to The Prince of Wales, and the Wales Polo Team and Welsh Polo Association, with His Royal Highness acting as patron of the team. Through these partnerships we are all able to strengthen our distinguished ties to both Wales and Royalty.

Claire Jones

Internationally renowned concert harpist and former Official Harpist to His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales.

In January 2012, Clogau announced an exciting new collaboration with Claire Jones, one of the most celebrated young classical harpists in the world today and in demand on concert platforms and record studios worldwide.

From 2007 until 2010 Claire was the Official Harpist to HRH The Prince of Wales, making her the longest serving Royal harpist to date. During this appointment, Claire regularly performed for the Royal Family and their distinguished guests at the Royal palaces.

In April 2011, on the day of the Royal wedding, she performed for the newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at their wedding reception in Buckingham Palace.

During the day Claire wore an exclusive white gold and diamond version of the Clogau Royal Roses collection.

Managing Director for Clogau, Ben Roberts said:

“Clogau is proud to work with an artist so committed to the preservation of Welsh heritage, high standards of excellence and global expansion; values that also make Clogau one of the most successful jewellery brands in the UK and overseas”

Brand Manager, Sonia Menezes adds:

“We see this as a long-term partnership with Claire and it’s a two way thing. It's one of our most exciting collaborations to date. We plan to work on a variety of projects with Claire. One of the first and most important will be to help Claire and Chris create some very special wedding rings, forged in Wales.”

In early 2012 we began a harp inspired campaign featuring Claire, to tie in with the launch of the Heartstrings collection, beautiful harp & heart themed pieces in yellow gold and silver, touched with our signature rose gold.

Claire Jones - Clogau Ambassador

Claire Jones

Clogau is a business firmly rooted in the culture of Wales and inspired by our landscape. It is also successfully growing a strong international reputation. I think we’re a great fit, and I’m very proud to be the face of their new Heartstrings collection.

– Claire Jones

Wales Polo Team

Clogau is proud to be official sponsor of the Wales Polo Team and Welsh Polo Association.

From this collaboration, both Clogau and the Wales Polo Team are able to strengthen their distinguished ties to both Wales and Royalty, with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales acting as patron of the team.

Both the excitement and glamour of polo, a sport steeped in rich heritage and tradition, has inspired our Wales Polo collection.

Claire Jones - Clogau Ambassador

Harry Legge-Bourke

Harry has been instrumental in the set up of the Welsh Polo Association and Wales Polo Team along with Ricky Cooper.

He lives at Glanusk and as a former Welsh Guards Officer played polo at Guards but leant to play before joining the army with Suzi Barrantez alongside Anthony Fanshawe in Argentina.

Harry is the lead for all media, PR and merchandise as well as the lead liaison with the HPA and other governing bodies.

Claire Jones - Clogau Ambassador

Ricky Cooper

Ricky has been stationed in New York for the past 3 years and is in his 2nd season with the Havalind Hollow Polo Club. Prior to this Ricky spent a great deal of his polo career in the Berkshire area playing out of Fifield, Ham and Ascot Park Polo Clubs.

Ricky has held the prestigious position of captaining the first Welsh Polo team in over 100 years for the past 3 seasons, a position that considers his greatest honour.

Since playing in last season’s games Ricky has completed his 7th and 8th Marathons respectively in New York and London and is a former Great Britain Ice/Roller Hockey representative in numerous World and European championships.

Claire Jones - Clogau Ambassador

Roddy Matthews

Roddy Matthews is a Veteran of the English High Goal Polo circuit. He started playing at the age of 12 and reached a 5 Goal handicap and represented England at Cartier in 1990, and was victorious over a visiting French team.

Playing out of Guards Polo Club and Cowdray Park Polo Club this season, Roddy mixes his professional playing commitments with High Goal umpiring and training and producing top level polo ponies.

Roddy played several times for the Wales Polo Team in 2010 and has become the lynch pin of the teams open and attacking play during the 2011 season, playing in all of the teams games.

Claire Jones - Clogau Ambassador