The aftercare service and warranty that is included with the purchase of your Compose by Clogau®rings is as important as the rare Welsh gold they contain.


To ensure your Compose by Clogau® ring remains as beautiful as the day you bought it, we are delighted to offer you our complimentary Clean, Care, Protect service. Whether the ring you composed needs a professional clean and polish to revitalise it or perhaps a claw needs re-pointing, Clogau will ensure your Compose by Clogau® ring is lovingly cared for and returned to you as soon as possible.

The two-year warranty period of your Compose by Clogau® ring provides you with a thorough aftercare service. All you will need to do is return the ring directly to Clogau along with the Clean, Care, Protect service card and proof of purchase. We will carry out the warranty request and return your ring to you as soon as we can.


Each time your ring is rejuvenated, a note of the date and the services carried out will be taken, acting as a brief log of your ring's aftercare. Please send your ring via a secure method to:

Clogau Gold of Wales Ltd
Sherbrooke House,
5 Kinmel Park,
Abergele Road,
Bodelwyddan, Rhyl
LL18 5TX

If you require any further information about the Clean, Care, Protect service available with your Compose by Clogau® ring then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0345 606 88 77 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Alternatively email our in-house Compose by Clogau® warranty specialist at:


Every Compose by Clogau® engagement and wedding ring is accompanied by a two-year warranty to guarantee peace of mind on this once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Along with the GIA® certificate you receive with your ring, your Compose by Clogau® warranty clearly documents all aspects of your purchase including your diamond’s carat weight, total number of diamonds in the ring and shank, as well as the cut, colour and clarity of the primary diamond in your ring.

Your warranty also guarantees that rare Welsh gold has been included, ensuring the status of your carefully crafted, bespoke engagement ring as an exquisite object to be treasured forever.