Water Resistance

Clogau watches have an ATM classification which relates to their degree of water resistance.

ATM is a measure of atmospheric pressure at sea level. Watches classified as 3 ATM can withstand three times the atmospheric pressure at sea level, those rated 5 ATM five times the atmospheric pressure, and so on. Some people interpret this as how far the watch can be taken underwater before it is compromised, but this is not always the case. The ATM measurement indicates the tolerable pressure of water against your watch.

Clogau watch water resistant ratings and usage:

3 ATM: Can withstand accidental splashes

5 ATM: Can withstand accidental splashes and shallow water swimming

10 ATM: Can withstand accidental splashes, shallow-water swimming and watersports (excluding diving)

Please note: It’s important to remove your watch before entering a hot shower, steam room or a sauna. Heat can cause damage to the watch seals and
condensation can form inside the watch.